From the Members of the Movement


All gear advertised by the Let Them Play website, Facebook Group and founders is provided in collaboration.  Vendors are free to profit, donate to their local sports teams or otherwise.  We want the movement advertised and perpetuated, so it grows.  Let Them Play Oregon is a movement, not a legal organization.  The organizers nor the movement receive any financial benefit from gear sold.  We have provided all members with open source files to add the correct branding to their designs because it allows people in different parts of the state faster.  It also allows members to choose the designs and items they like with variety inspired by the actual members of the movement.

TO PURCHASE GEAR:   Click the image that contains the item you want.  Your browser will open a new window with the post from the Member/Vendor’s PRE-APPROVED Facebook post.  Read their information and contact them via Private Message or contact information they offer in the post.  Please to do not contact the Let Them Play founder or organizers about gear.  We don’t sell it, we support the Members motivated to fill the need! 
Learn more about becoming a vendor here.

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